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I have two questions about live-helper:

1. Is it possible to install the live cd onto hard disk via
Explanation: Consider we created a live cd and we want to add the debian
installer kernel parameter that users can both use the live cd and then
reboot the system and can install it on their hard disk.

2. I've tried to build the chroot directory with lh_build on debian etch,
but I encountered a problem:

# lh_build
P: Begin caching bootstrap stage...
W: skipping bootstrap_cache.restore
P: Begin bootstrapping system...
W: skipping bootstrap_cache.restore
P: Begin caching bootstrap stage...
P: Begin caching chroot stage...
P: Begin mounting /proc...
E: lh_chroot_proc missing

It takes a long time to pass the "Begin caching bootstrap stage..." section.

3. I also try to install debian-installer from debian official site into my
chroot directory, I mean chrooted into the chroot directory and install the
installer from this page:
http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/BuildEtchand changed the
isolinux/isolinux.cfg and add a label to boot from the
generated initrd.gz and vmlinuz, but the problem is when the installer is
loaded, it searches the cdrom to find (I think) the pool and dist directory
but they are not included in live-helper project, so it hangs!
What should I do? Is it possible to install debian-installer in this way? Or
I have to follow the live-helper method?

With best Regards,
M. Amir Moulavi
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