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lh_chroot_devpts missing error


I think he got the answer. From IRC:
> 04:00 < jaschmidt> Hi,  I am following the wiki DebianLive/Examples and
>   looking at the section "Make one live CD with some hacks".  I am
> following
>   the procedure for doing the following : lh_config, cp script to
>   chroot_local-hooks, lh_chroot, lh_binary.  However, at the lh_chroot
> stage,
>   I get the error:  "E: lh_chroot_devpts missing".  Looking in the mailing
>   list archives didn't reveal anything obvious.  Is there anything else I
> need
>   to do to get past this stage?
> 04:30 < lamby> jaschmidt: You forgot to run lh_bootstrap

The Wiki ( http://wiki.debian.org/DebianLive/Examples ) seems to require an
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