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Bug#452444: honor ip=

On Thu, Nov 22, 2007 at 11:50:18PM +0100, Daniel Baumann wrote:
> Anton Lundin wrote:
> > Its not nice and should probably be abstracted to a separate fuction to
> > run in all the diffrent cases, and not just the nfs-root case.
> actually, initramfs-tools should be refactured for this, in order to let
>  the different initramfs-tools hooks (like live-initramfs) use it and
> share the code, rather than to implement/copy the same code again.
> anyone got spare time to look into the issue?

use the configure_networking function introduced in initramfs-tools 0.91
(debian bug #439397).

note that this would break compatibility with etch(and currently lenny
too), unless you also used a backport of initramfs-tools.

live well,

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