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failed etch live image but sid works

Hideki Yamane wrote:
>  sudo rm -rf livecd 
>  mkdir livecd ; cd livecd
>  lh_config 
>  lh_config --mirror-bootstrap "http://localhost:3142/cdn.debian.or.jp/debian/";
>  lh_config --mirror-bootstrap-security "http://localhost:3142/security.debian.org/";
>  lh_config --bootappend-live "locale=ja_JP.UTF-8 keyb=jp106"
>  lh_config -l ja
>  lh_config  --initramfs casper
>  lh_config -d etch
>  sudo lh_build 

i run the same here with live-helper 1.0~a34-1, except that i used my
local mirror. the image build fine and worked.

you need to show the actual part where it fails for you.

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