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failed etch live image but sid works

Hideki Yamane wrote:
>  I tried to make stable iso image but failed with "can't access tty" error.

short answer: the bug is in lh_config (and the default handling of
options). set LH_INITRAMFS manually to either auto or casper, and it
will work.

long answer:

> lh_config

this creates a 'default' config, means lenny with live-initramfs.

> lh_config -d etch

this updates the previously created config, but changes LH_DISTRIBUTION
from whatever it was (here, from lenny) to etch.

as LH_INITRAMFS was already set, and thus is not empty, it doesn't get
touched. but for etch, you need to use casper (or provide and include a
live-initramfs backport).


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