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[PATCH] add new option --syslinux-menu to enable syslinux menu

commit 27e3585e7a6b3596ad6608615b8320e51fd7ae5e
Author: Jesse Hathaway <jesse at mbuki-mvuki.org>
Date:   Fri Nov 2 09:31:27 2007 -0400

    add new option --syslinux-menu to enable syslinux menu
    added a new syslinux menu splash screen, I'm not an artist
    but I think it is better than the generic splash which was
    already included. Also added the svg file if anyone wants
    to make any changes.

pull from:

git://lifesaver.mbuki-mvuki.org/~lollipop/live-helper.git miscfixes

P.S. The timeout timer does not countdown, it just shows "0". I think
     it is a syslinux bug. The timeout does still work it just is not
     displayed on the screen.


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