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KDE4 beta4 live CD

Hi Michael,

Great idea!

thanks :)

Some comments.
> Debian specific:
> 1.) Would it be possible to use autologin for the demo user? kdm allows
> that afaik. What happend to me is, that I booted the demo CD only to
> discover that I hadn't remembered the login name and password.

I'll take a look.

2.) fontconfig 2.4.91-1 has some regressions with regard to font
> antialiasing in Qt4 [1]. I'm not sure if it's a problem in Qt4 or
> fontconfig. Maybe it would make sense for the time being, to use an
> older version of fontconfig from snapshots.debian.net.

There's 2 or 3 bugs reports related to fonts against Qt4.
I'm not sure about the problem but we can try an older fontconfig.

3.) Making Oxygen style/windeco the default.
> As Oxygen will be default in KDE 4.0 (I guess) it would make sense imho
> to change the defaults to use this new theme so people can get a taste
> of it and give feedback.

I'll take a look.

Maybe Debian specific/probably upstream:
> 4.) Wanted to test the meta data support. Dolphin was complaining
> though, that nepomuk service was not running.

Sorry, nepomuk is broken (upstream).

> 5.) Noticed lots of missing icons in kickoff, especially for the KDE
> games.

known bug (upstream).

> 6.) Wasn't able to create a document in dolphin, rmb menu was pretty
> empty. afaik this is already fixed upstream.

exact. fixed after beta4 release.

7.) Deleting a file (to trash) and the trying to restore it again
> crashes dolphin reproducably.

I remember some fix by ervin. Not sure, maybe fixed upstream.

8.) Visual glitch in the dolphins progress bar (bottom right). If needed
> I can attach a screenshot.
> 9.) Clock applet does not remember position on logout/login. It moves to
> the complete left in the taskbar.

10.) Kwin does not allow to enable desktop effects, although I know that
> my hardware (radeon 9200) should support it. Probably a live cd issue.

Composite enabled ?

I'll try to reproduce from an svn version.


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