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Making small modifications and rebuild

Damian Lubosch wrote:
> Marco Ghirlanda wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm building many times during these days and some questions came to my 
>> mind.
>> I got that if I leave the cache directory between remastering LH will 
>> use those debs already downloaded.
>> BUT
>> if I just want to make small modifications and rebuild, like when you 
>> are refining the cd adding apps, making symlinks ...which is the best 
>> way to go?
>> Normally I would delete .stage/binary* and do a lh_build again but maybe 
>> there is a better way?
>> I'm following this steps:
>> 1) Build a Lenny based (Sid won't go in X) and add custom apps 
>> (multimedia for artistx) changing user, hostname etc. Grub works, 
>> isolinux not (eltorito error)
>> 2) Change default gnome&kde splashscreens and wallpaper (everything is 
>> in chroot/usr/share/images)
>> 3) Add Splashy from Unstable in chroot and change splashy background 
>> (chroot/etc/splashy/...)
>> At this point I'm quite satisfied :-). Now I'm trying to find a way to 
>> customize gnome/kde appearance like in artistx 0.3 but somehow I cannot 
>> remember how I did.
>> Are the instructions on the wiki still valid FAQ nr.13 on 
>> http://wiki.debian.org/DebianLive/FAQ ??
>> I fon't get the point where I need to have a ./home/casper directory. My 
>> username will be artistx so why can't I put .kde and .kderc (and .gconfd 
>> .gnome2 ...) in chroot/etc/skel and be fine?
>> Thanks to everybody on the list for this beautiful project and keep on 
>> the great work!
>> Marco
> Hi!
> One small thing: If you want to put in some additional files on your CD
> then please put them in config/chroot-local_includes. I.E. you want
> different /etc/skel then put the adjusted dir into
> [livecd]/config/chroot-local_includes/etc/skel.
> My usual way to rebuild CDs is to lh_clean first (careful! This deletes
> you chroot!!! But also .stages. It only keeps config and cache) and then
> to lh_build.
> To install new packages I add them to [livecd]/config/chroot (file) in
> the section LH_PACKAGES="emacs less mc ..."
> You can also put some extra .deb files into
> [livecd]/config/chroot-local_packages so that they will be installed
> during the build. (Take care of the dependencies though ;-) )
> I think that putting files into the chroot is not a clean way to build
> the CD. This way it takes (me) about 10-15 minutes for a new CD build
> but it is "clean" afterwards.
Nice way, I'm trying it by NOW :-)
I'll make another question which I' sure it has already been discussed 
but I didn't found it in the wiki.
Groups. How to add my username to the netdev or other groups I may need 
to be included? I don't do it in the chroot because the user artistx is 
not present yet, in the configuration files there is no mention of 
groups and so?

Thanks for the tips, Marco

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