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Re. Cannot build USB image

Hi daniel, hi list

Now I run lh on Debian Etch, which seems fine so far, only that it 
doesn't have that plethora of command line switches which is noted in 
the LH Wiki. I installed lh as follows:

Added to /etc/apt/sources.lst hinzu:

   deb http://live.debian.net/debian/ etch main contrib non-free
   deb-src http://live.debian.net/debian/ etch main contrib non-free

   apt-get update

   apt-get install live-helper

Of course apt wants to have some pubkeys I do not have. Can someone tell 
me where to find these? Any other comments on my way of installing lh?

> yeah, probably, though I never have read PC-Welt so far, but I'm tempted
> to do so for the next issue.

Well, don't mix it with "PC Welt". "PC Welt Linux" is a quarterly linux 
only edition, while "PC Welt" is mainly targetted at Windows users. And 
the issue I speak of will hit shelves not before december, I think.


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