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RAM usage

Angus McMorland wrote:
> Is there any way to reduce the boot's memory footprint, or free the
> available space back to the system's memory, for use by programs?

the used ram depends on two things:

1. how large is the image if 'toram' is used

2. how many modifications to files are done

due to a bug in live-initramfs, there is no 'noatime' and no
'nodiratime', that means, not just files you have changed are consuming
ram (you can see the differences in /live/cow), but also files that you
touch end up in the ram. i hope to fix that soon.

even with that bug, the standard system requires ~54mb during a boot
(due to some files that are beeing created/modified/touched). this
means, that you should looking into disable every service you don't need
at boot time to get ram usage down.


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