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How can I empty var/lib/apt/lists/ in my squashfs.

Juergen Fiedler wrote:
> I am trying to keep my ISO as small as possible and would thus like to 
> have an empty /var/lib/apt/lists (except for partial/, I guess) in my
> filesystem.squashfs.

you could do it with a hook. a sample hook for such a minimal image is
shipped at /usr/share/live-helper/hooks/mini and

if you have other things to add there, i would be eager to know them.

> Are there any drawbacks to doing that (apart from being
> unable to use 'apt-cache search') and if not, would it maybe make
> sense to make the apt* update optional? 

by default, this shouldn't be done for usability reasons. but, for
custom images it's perfectly fine to do this, so.. i see no reason to
not add such an option.

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