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USB and Persistence


I'm having a problem trying to boot my USB drive when I choose persistent.
It boots fine when I don't use persistent.  I have also created a separate
home partition and am able to save files there when I choose persistent.
Really I need "/" to be persistent though.

I now have two partitions sdb1 and sdb2  sdb1 is swap and sdb2 is for the
filesystem. Sdb2 is labeled live-rw.

When I boot and choose the persistent option I am exited out to the Busy Box
prompt with the error
/bin/sh can't access tty; job control turned off.

I did not create binary.img using lh_build.  It was not working for me late
last week.  I had a binary.iso that I used. I manually installed grub on the
usb drive, mounted the iso image and copied everyting to the usb drive
(sdb2).  The iso used grub as the loader as well.  I edited my menu.lst and
all works great except for persistent "/".

Any idea?  When I build the iso image should I have set some config to
indicate I wanted persistent "/"

Btw I am using live-initramfs, unionfs, squashfs and a custom kernel.

Thanks in advance.

Joe Ruddy

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