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building a lenny live CD ?

Pierre Meurisse wrote:
> ...
> Building tag database...
> Parallel mksquashfs: Using 1 processor
> Creating little endian 3.0 filesystem on filesystem.squashfs, block size
> 65536.
> TIOCGWINZ ioctl failed, defaulting to 80 columns
> ^M[                                                            ]
> 1/16060   0%^M[   ... very  long line
> Exportable Little endian filesystem, data block size 65536, compressed
> data, compressed metadata, compressed fragments, duplicates are removed
> Filesystem size 106207.05 Kbytes (103.72 Mbytes)
> ...

that's ok.

mksquashfs in etch and mksquashfs in lenny do have a slightely different
output for the progressbar, nothing to worry about.

> I could not see anything else looking wrong in the listing.

so far, nothing is wrong...

> I ran the iso wich qemu and I made images of the two last screens. I
> can send them if it helps.

...so yes, more information is required, such as the complete build log,
the complete config directory and the excact error messages/screenshots.

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