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Toram boot option

Mr Alk3 wrote:
> I have casper installed, but I am going to replace it with
> live-initramfs.  I understand I can use the LH_BOOTAPPEND variable, and
> will.  I use syslinux, so I may be posting back about issues with
> setting up the config file-- but should be able to find the answer in
> man pages or on the syslinux site.  Unless I dont have to edit the
> syslinux config?

do we have to say everything three times? you do not have to edit the
syslinux config file, just use LH_BOOTAPPEND in config/binary.

> I was also told that the toram variable has not been tested very much
> recently... I will be posting back with results if I get it working, and
> even if I do not.  I just hope I do not find a bug or run into some odd
> problem.

i don't know why kevin said this to you. toram has always worked well,
and i'm using almost always.

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