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Noise from fsck

On Jun 30, 2007, at 9:10 AM, Daniel Baumann wrote:
> Chris Ross wrote:
>>    So, it's looks pretty nice through there except for the hostname
>> issue (I've always seen this.  Is this based on the hostname= that's
>> on the kernel argument list?  Is it avoidable?),

> did you specify an empty hostname (literally 'hostname=' instead of
> 'hostname=foo' at the boot prompt)?

   Nope.  I didn't type anything by hand at the boot prompt, and the  
isolinux.cfg has "hostname=import_cd".  Perhaps the '_' is irritating  

>>    The line in /etc/init.d/checkfs.sh that causes this is line 79:
> casper, and also live-initramfs (whereas in the latter it will fix it,
> hopefully), the live system does check the hosts filesystems, which is
> bad :/
> if you have any idea how to disable that (i didn't have looked into it
> yet), please tell me or send a patch; it would be need to be placed a
> script in live-bottom of live-initramfs.

   Ahh.  So you're saying that fsck perhaps shouldn't be run, or that  
I'm seeing that message because fsck is checking the filesystem on  
the underlying disk?

   In my case, there isn't even an underlying disk.  I was actually  
running this, in the case I quoted, with QEMU, and didn't specify a  
disk image at all.  Though, I have seen the same when specifying a  
disk image with no valid filesystem on it.

   Maybe I misunderstand you, or we're talking about things in two  
different directions here.  :-)

                          - Chris

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