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put img in a usb with dd?

On 6/7/07, Daniel Baumann <daniel at debian.org> wrote:
> Frederic Triquet wrote:
> > I am using live-helper 1.0~a12-1 and the following commands:
> First of all: At this point, I'll stop reading the mail, because:
> "Always use the latest version of live-helper from sid."

OK that solved one half of the problem :
- "-b usb-hdd" now creates binary.img (and tar.gz)
- but I can't boot with grub whereas booting with syslinux now works

> Please redo, and report back if the problem is solved for you, or if you
> could reproduce the situation.
> if you do not edit debian-live/config/*, do it in one shot:
> # make-live -d etch -b usb-hdd --bootloader grub
ok, actually I first did not manage to launch make-live with the
correct parameters, which brought me to numerous errors (this project
is very active and online documentations/forum discussions are often
out-dated) : I finally managed to make things work this way and I did
not try
to shorten anything there :-)



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