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LIVE_BOOTAPPEND= " locale=fr "


On Wed, May 30, 2007 at 01:20:19PM +0200, laurent-ducos wrote:

> I'm a french user of make-live (live-package - utility to build Debian
> Live systems).
> I want that my live-Cd launches out in French. I added this line to
> the /etc/make-live.conf file: LIVE_BOOTAPPEND= " locale=fr ". But when I
>  start the live-Cd I have this error message: Could not find kernel
> image : vmlinuz
>  I think of not having written the good locale one. Can you help me ?

  With respect to the locales, this :


(read also

used to work. But as Daniel told you, live-package is deprecated,
unmaintained and replaced by live-helper. Cannot you use the latter?

I am currently learning to use live-helper (with French locale) and
would be happy to try helping you (on this list) if you decide to
switch to live-helper.

Best regards,

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