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Changing Language layout on demand

Goran wrote:
> Ok, I've done it as described above. Now I've edited the isolinux files
> to create an own boot menu to simplify the language option. But I always
> fail. 

if you describe what fails, maybe even somebody can help you.

> Is it possible to choose the language and start the boot process by just
> typing e.g. "F3"?

no. debian does not have gfxboot patched syslinux, because the
maintainer of syslinux decided that that patch is too hackish and people
should use syslinux new extended menues to achieve the same.

.oO(now that i think again about it, it maybe makes sense to add an
alternative syslinux-gfxboot binary package)

if you insist on the "ubuntu behaviour", use the ubuntu syslinux
package, use grub, or wait until syslinux-gfxboot eventually gets into

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