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/live_media not mounted after 2nd reboot with 'persistent'

Alle sabato 12 maggio 2007, neuhoff@mhccorp.com ha scritto:
> I have created another a Debian live system on a USB stick with the help of
> the make-live from live-helper_1.0~a9-1 and I tested it again. It seems
> that after a 2nd reboot from the USB stick with the 'persistent'
> option /live_media wont't be correctly mounted anymore.
> Here is what I did:
> 1) Booting up with 'live persistent quickreboot' works as
> expected, /live_media is mounted from /dev/sda1 as rw.

this should not happen, /live_media should be always mounted as ro.

> I then [...]
> Is this a bug, [..]

It is probably a bug, but I only assure that .cpio.gz worked for real, other 
targets are not tested.

Casper support will be probably abandoned in favour of live-initramfsm which 
is in a deep reorganization phase, that shoul fix some bugs and maybe add 
some others, moreover the persistent feature will be tested deepely and 
extended  by me soon, so I could suggest to wait a few and retry after 
live-initramfs changelog says something about snapshots.

Thanks meanwhile.

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