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Roadmap to live-helper 1.0

El mi?, 09-05-2007 a las 23:39 +0200, Daniel Baumann escribi?:
> I?igo Tejedor Arrondo wrote:
> > I'm thinking about translate the man pages to spanish (i see .de and .en
> > on svn), but i'm specially busy so:
> oh, thanks for the offer, that would be really cool to have.

It is much more cool, that an obtuse one as I, can generate
cd/usb/pxe/floppy customized of debian for i386/amd64/ppc/multiarch with
a simple tool, comprehensible and well designed :)

Thanks to you and all the people.

> > is a good moment to work in this? or is better to wait for more changes?
> not really, i suggest to wait until there we are in the beta releases
> for live-helper (a few weeks from now).

Perfect for my actual busy status :)  I will be kind, in order to start
when beta arrives.


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