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Missing bits and pieces in make-live?

neuhoff@mhccorp.com wrote:
> 	#make-live --bootstrap debootstrap --distribution sid --username 
> usblive --filesystem ext2 --bootloader grub -b hdd -p standard

note that selecting a bootloader on -b hdd has no effect; hdd is the
binary image type which creates a tarball with the necessary files but
*without* a bootloader (that is what this binary image type is usefull for).

> generates a 'debian-live' directory, however:
> - It doesn't write anything to the target USB-stick

what do you mean with 'target usb-stick'?

> - there is no documentation how to write what to the USB stick

dd if=binary.img of=/dev/$your_device

> - there is no documentation on how then to make the USB stick bootable

as said, -b hdd is not an image, just a tarball. you want -b usb (resp.
-b usb-hdd as of 1.0~a8-1).

also note that currently grub is not supported in connection with
anything different than -b iso; you want to use syslinux in the meanwhile.

so.. the right command for you would be:

make-live --bootstrap debootstrap --distribution sid --username usblive
--filesystem squashfs --bootloader syslinux -b usb-hdd -p standard

> - there are no vmlinuz* nor initrd* files generated

i don't think so.

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