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Missing bits and pieces in make-live?

I have tested the live-helper package for the past few days, and it seems to 
be a very interesting product in the making, useful for creating live CDs and 
live USBs.

However, I still struggling to get the make-live tool to fully work. It makes 
use of features such as the squashfs, casper, and the unionfs. Hence I 
expected it to be able to create a live USB which, when booted, uses a 
unionfs with the mounted USB partition mounted as read-only, and a ramdisk 
set as read-write, and where the casper-sn would store all the changes from 
the ramdisk to the USB stick.

Missing features (might be just a lack of understanding on my part, or lack of 

Using this command as a root user:

	#make-live --bootstrap debootstrap --distribution sid --username 
usblive --filesystem ext2 --bootloader grub -b hdd -p standard

generates a 'debian-live' directory, however:

- It doesn't write anything to the target USB-stick
- there is no documentation how to write what to the USB stick
- there is no documentation on how then to make the USB stick bootable
- there are no vmlinuz* nor initrd* files generated


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