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Install on HD button

Mathieu GELI wrote:
> Not at the moment AFAIK.
> debian-installer integration is a work in progress.

well, debian-installer and 'install-to-hdd' are two different things.

debian-installer installs the generic debian system on the harddisk.

'install-to-hdd' (let's call it live-installer) does install that very
live system to the harddisk by formating and mounting a partition and
uncompressing the squashfs image to it.

debian-installer integration is nearly done, there is some fuckup with
the repository population needed on the media. live-installer will be a
new piece of software, calling only the required parts of
debian-installer which are needed in order to e.g. setup the partition
(through partman) etc.

work on live-installer has not yet began, i plan to at latest start
working on it at the debcamp in edingburg, that is the week before
debconf 7 starts.

if anyone other has time and wants to work on this before, make sure you
tell me so you can check it into the svn already ;)

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