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live.debian.net 'unaccessible' because of DNS changes


unfortunally, I got hit by a DNS change very badly, that's why
live.debian.net is maybe currently not answering for you.

The DNS record was just updated a few minutes ago, moving from a CNAME
to an A record. Depending on your network, it can take some time until
this gets visible for you.

The machine behind live.d.n did not change, means you can access the
whole thing at a different apache virtualhost at:


and while I'm already writing about it.. in April, live.d.n made
1'483'835 MB (~1.4TB) outbound traffic. In March, it was 894'048 MB
(~0.8TB). So, from the traffic point of view, there was quite a few
interests in the prebuilt images.

Sorry for the troubles,

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