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LIVE_COPYCONFIG: save a copy of the config

Hi again,

Here's another local patch I have:

if LIVE_CONFIG is set to any non-empty value, save a copy of the config
directory on the live CD.

Maybe I should change the option to LIVE_CONFIG_TARGET_DIR and have it
point to the the target directiry (binary/tools/live/config , in thi

--- /usr/bin/lh_binary_manifest_orig    2007-04-05 23:55:53.000000000
+++ /usr/bin/lh_binary_manifest 2007-04-13 23:57:49.000000000 +0300
@@ -45,5 +45,12 @@
 # Add packages.list
 Chroot "dpkg -l" > packages.txt
+if [ -n "${LIVE_COPYCONFIG}" ]; then
+       mkdir -p binary/tools/live/config
+       # -C: CVS mode, to exclude CVS / .svn etc.
+       rsync -a -C --del config/ binary/tools/live/config
+       cp -a packages.txt binary/tools/live/
 # Creating stage file
 Create_stagefile .stage/binary_manifest

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