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export includes from svn


I'm using debian-live to build a live CD based on Debian-Live that aims
at installing a fully-working Asterisk-based system.
The CD itself could be found at http://updates.xorcom.com/

I thought it was a good time to start feeding my patches.
Here's the first one: 

I maintain the config directory in a subversion repository.
Thus when config/chroot_localincludes and config/binary_localincludes 
arecopied, the .svn directoies in them are copied as well.

I decided to add an optional variable LIVE_EXPORT_COMMAND, and added the
following as /usr/share/live-helper/functions/copy_local.sh :

CopyLocalDir() {
        COPY_DST="${2}" # must be a relative path

        if [ "${LIVE_EXPORT_COMMAND}" != '' ]; then
                rm -rf "${COPY_TMP}"
                ${LIVE_EXPORT_COMMAND} "${COPY_SRC}" "${COPY_TMP}"
        (cd "${COPY_SRC}"; find . | cpio -dmpu "${CURR_DIR}/${COPY_DST}" )

With respective changes in /usr/bin/lh_{chroot,binary}_localincludes .

This should be useful to anybody who maintains the config directory 
under a version control system. I figure that for cvs, bzr, git, arch or
whatever there is an equivalent syntax. This also allows the use of SVN
keywords, such as $Id$ and $Date$ in the included content.

               Tzafrir Cohen       
icq#16849755                    jabber:tzafrir@jabber.org
+972-50-7952406           mailto:tzafrir.cohen@xorcom.com       
http://www.xorcom.com  iax:guest@local.xorcom.com/tzafrir

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