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Casper Modules

Hi again!

I'm trying to create a few modules that could be added to the /casper
directory to be automatically mounted when my Live CD boots. Yes, I am
fully aware that I could just add everything I need to my package
list and that I'll have to keep all those modules updated manually,
but I'm experimenting here, so please bear with me :)

The principle, of course, is always the same: You create a directory
that contains the files that I want in the module and the squash it
up. The big question, then, is how to best create this directory.

I have had the best success with programs that install in /opt: I just
create a new directory, bind-mount it to /opt and start installing.
The problem, though, is that sometimes, I'd like to install programs
that spread out all over the system: Insist on writing to /etc,
install kernel modules, that kind of stuff. Also, sometimes I'd like
to add a Debian package to the mix as well.

I tried playing around with the union fs like this:

 - create the new directory
 - add it to the '/' union before /cow
 - set /cow to read-only in the union
 - install my stuff
 - set /cow read-write in the union
 - set my new directory read-only in the union
 - remove my new directory from the union, if unionctl lets me

Then comes the fun part, though: Clean up the directory. Do I need to
keep etc/ld.so.cache? What about that new ifup script? A new version
of libsysfs??? There's a lot of trial and error going on before I can
squash up my directory.

So the question: Is there a better way to create Casper modules for my
live CD? How are you going about that?
Any input will be much appreciated.

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