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permission pb

On Thu, Apr 26, 2007 at 07:00:23AM +0400, Philippe MONROUX wrote:
> Hello,
> In /root/debian-live/config/image I have
> And I tried to populate my /home/phi
> so I created /root/debian-live/config/chroot_localincludes/home/phi/
> with some  rcfiles inside, .emacs  for example (note  symlinks doesn't
> work.  Real files needed but it another question).
> after  creating  iso  I have  /root/debian-live/chroot/home/phi/.emacs
> with right permissions
> -rw-r--r-- 1 phi phi 40952 2007-03-17 06:10 /root/debian-live/chroot/home/phi/.emacs
> but not  when I test live.iso with  qemu.  User is phi  but rcfiles in
> /home/phi doesn't  belong to him (they  belong to 1000 1000)  so I can
> only read my emacs (and others).

The problem is that casper creates the user in question during system
startup - so your rc files may be overwritten, they may belong to
someone else, and probably a whole lot of other unpleasantnesses.

The most convenient way to work around this is to put all those files
in /root/debian-live/config/chroot_localincludes/etc/skel - that way,
when casper creates the user in question, it will copy those files
into the user's home directory, proper permissions and all.

Hope that helps,
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