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Incorrect ISO

  I also started to have megabytes of logs due to the new version of 
mksquashfs  command that generates the progress bar:
[===========================================================   ]
generating really huge  logs.

I tried to redirect 2>&1 > /dev/null  for the mksquashfs command on 
/usr/bin/lh_binary_rootfs but
I still have this problem.

Is there any way to avoid it?

All the best,
Ant?nio Amorim

Daniel Baumann escreveu:
> Chris Lamb wrote:
>> We have nice logs to look at[0] but they are many megabytes big! The relevant
>> part is:
> exactly.
> daily-builds are only as good as unstable is. if you want something with
> less bugs, please use the weekly builds (testing), or etch-builds (stable).

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