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Persistant Cows

Alle 08:12, gioved? 12 aprile 2007, Daniel Baumann ha scritto:
> Hadar wrote:
> > Another approach is to manage only one changes module. On boot this
> > module is extracted to /cow (RAM), so following writes are made to /cow.
> > On shutdown, this /cow is compressed again and saved on casper directory.
> > In this approach cons are RAM consumption and slow shutdowns because of
> > the big compressions.
> ...and since it only write once per run on the usb-stick, it doesn't
> shortcut its life; so I would be in favour of having this.

This is what casper already supports with it's snapshot feature, the file can 
be cpio.gz, squashfs or just a file image (ext2), but it is not saved 
in /casper, just where it was found at boot stage (with names 
like "casper-sn*", and "home-sn*")

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