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Persistant Cows

On Thu, Apr 05, 2007 at 09:30:31PM +0200, Marco Amadori wrote:
> Alle 19:31, gioved?? 5 aprile 2007, Juergen Fiedler ha scritto:
> > I was wondering...
> > Does anyone have a good solution for keeping changes to a Debian Live
> > system persistent? I see that Casper offers a few options, the most
> > tempting being a casper-rw partition on the USB stick that I use to
> > boot Debian.
> Use casper-sn, so a snapshot, it will write only once per session, at reboot, 
> resyncing the whole /cow onto it.

Doesn't that one work by copying the files from the snapshot to /cow?
I'm working with some systems that aren't too generously equipped with
RAM, so I don't want to put more stuff on the ramdisk than necessary.

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