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[PATCH] Run debian live from initrd via PXE boot without NFS

Here is an untested patch against bzr casper-debian as of today...
It implements ( tftp and http methods for getting a squashfs into the initramfs)

Alex Owen

On 22/02/07, Alex Owen <r.alex.owen@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Clever idea... I like it!
> I have a slight modification of the idea...
> Casper could used tftp (busybox is in casper initrd and has tftp
> builtin) to pull the suqashfs from the PXE/tftp server. This would
> mean that the initrd would not need to be modified to include the
> squashfs.
> make-live -t net --filesystem squashfs
> Would then generate the needed files (a -t tftp method could be added
> to make-live later).
> The idea could be extended further so that squashfs could be pulled
> from http as well as tftp. Busy box has both "wget" and "tftp" so  we
> could use frominitrd=<method>://<server>/path/to/squashfs
> <method> could be "tftp" or "http"
> Anyway those are my random thoughts... may be one weekend I'll have
> time to put a patch together but I won't mind if someone beats me to
> it!
> Bye for now
> Alex Owen
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