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netboot tests

Alle 15:44, mercoled? 21 febbraio 2007, Fr?d?ric BOITEUX ha scritto:

>   For these 2 small problems, I?submit a patch, feel free to use it or
> modify if you think it's valuable.

Thanks for the code, I think Daniel will find a place for it!

> 2/ use of net Live system :
>   I?already use grub to do some network boots, so I?tried to install
> generated Live Package for it. I had some difficulties to find what I
> have to install on my TFTP / NFS?server, i.e. tftpboot and binary
> directories.

Yes the documentation should be improved, about grub, in the svn there is a 
grub bootfloppy with menu.cfg suited for netboot test (it works for qemu 

>   Another trick was that my NFS server is under 2.4?and only supports
> UDP?NFS?: to allow Debian Live's initramfs to mount the binary
> directory, I had to add the words NFSOPTS="-o udp" to the boot
> sequence, with uppercase NFSOPTS (the casper's manpage tell about
> lowercase nfsopts= option, but this didn't work for me, and looking at
> the casper sources, it couldn't be) and double quotes (single ones
> don't work).

I will check why this fails and fix, thanks for the report.

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