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booting usb images created by make-live using vmware

On 2/12/07, Daniel Baumann <daniel@debian.org> wrote:
> james osburn wrote:
> > how do i boot the usb images in vmware? can i boot of an image
> > file or off a usb stick in vmware. also is there any difference between
> > a usb stick or a compactflash?
> 17:50:21 < black_13> is it possible to test a usb boot image with
> vmware/qemu ?
> 18:04:03 < panthera> black_13: no, it seems that qemu doesn't want to
> boot them,
> 18:04:06 < panthera> but i don't know why
> 18:04:21 < panthera> they boot perfectly on a real system and in vmware,
> but not in qemu.
> 18:04:33 < black_13> i am using vwmare
> 18:04:37 < panthera> black_13: if you want to test with qemu, just stick
> with the iso images.
> 18:04:38 < black_13> but i though i would ask
> 18:05:07 < panthera> if you use vmware, create a new physical disk
> pointing to the device of the usb stick
> 18:05:13 < panthera> e.g. /dev/sdb
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I have been able to run the USB image on qemu. I downloaded
debian-live-sid-i386-xfce-desktop.img this morning and called it up on
my Qemu test bed and it booted up fine. I didn't use any cheatcodes to
improve performance and once it booted, I started Ice Weasel and was
able to bring up google, etc.

I haven't tried installing it on USB and then running it on Qemu. I
would think if you want to run on Qemu using the USB, it would work
better if just copied over instead of 'installing.'



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