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initng support in Debian Live

Hi there,

I have some comments on this patch:

This patch special cases the install of initng. In my opinion that is
wrong. It should be included in a package list and installed that way
or with the use of

Remember guideline 1: only unchanged, official packages.

>From the patch:
"Since the most usable version
of initng is either in non-offical repositories or in experimental, you should
provide a .deb package using the --with-initng-package option."

Efforts should be focused on getting an initng which works in to debian proper.

The "--with-initng-package"  functionality could be emulated with the
use of --include-chroot and --hook or (even with the --repositories
argument ??? not used this myself so not quite sure how it works.)

Following this line of thought there is then no need for a command
line to set LIVE_INITNG=yes|installed ... this can be made automatic
with this code:

( Chroot_exec "/usr/bin/dpkg-query -f\${Status}\n -W initng" | grep -q
^install )\

I hope this brief and too quickly drafted note explains what I'm thinking...

Bye for now

On 06/02/07, Daniel Baumann <daniel@debian.org> wrote:
> Jos? Parrella wrote:
> > You'll find attached a debdiff patch between the current live-package
> > and a live-package which supports initng. This was meant to work for
> > 0.99.14, but I think it works in the current version, too.
> Thanks a lot Jose, I'll merge it tomorrow evening.
> > As of 0.5.2, Debian initng packages also requires a patch (which I'm
> > sending to the BTS) in order to work from a Live CD. Using live-package
> > 0.99.14 and initng 0.5.2, I was able to build a nice LiveCD which uses
> > initng. It works quite OK.
> Cool, thanks again.
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