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Just discovered another project

On 6/21/06, Daniel Baumann <panthera@debian-unofficial.org> wrote:
> Andrew Donnellan wrote:
> > You're assuming that I will always be remastering at a Debian system
> > with an internet connection.
> Not internet, but network (even if it just a local mirror on the same
> physical machine running a local apache). You need to get additional
> packages from somewhere, that can't be circumvented anyway.

Yes, that.

> > These modules would allow for non-Debian
> > users to remaster with Nero or similar.
> Sorry to be honest, but I really don't care about that one here. I doubt
> that users of non-Debian distributions want to remaster the image.

Which is why it's wishlist minus 1 priority really. It wouldn't be
hugely difficult to implement though would it? A little bit of hacking
the initrd to search it and mount?

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