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USB backup/restore process (was: Fluxbox version)

> From: Daniel Baumann
> Do you mean with 'backup/restore process' that you
> can remove the CD
> while the system is running? If so, that would be
> nice to have,
> definitely. 

Daniel, thanks for you interest.
I refer to Damn Small Linux specific backup/restore
script (called filetool.sh) that backs up critical
files from your home directory and the system and tars
them into a specified partition (/dev/sda1 for

Otherwise when you shut down the system all data are
lost. More info here:

Note that is different from the Knoppix
"home=some_device" hack, as it does not create a
persistent home directory and does not wear out a
flash memory (think of a browser's cache files and
you'll get the idea).

> The mydsl extensions are not needed, you
> just can install
> additional debian packages.

Well, I don't expect that you take a package manager
from a distro and inject it into DLS but the question
is: once you install a debian package, that will
reside in /usr/bin. How do you reclaim that package
after rebooting?

Mydsl extensions are like 'klik' or Linspire's CNR:
click and run, and they reside in a mountable optional
These extensions are loaded as cloops.
Now, I know you don't like cloops and regard them as
cheap hacks but, one way or another, it is a solution
that deserves consideration.

Ottavio Caruso

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