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SoC Project Proposal Already Completed

CC'd: aj by Baruch request
CC'd: Daniel, the project mentor
(tried to CC the proposer but he's never posted to any Debian mailing

I was a little surprised this morning when I saw Baruch's blog post[1]
containing a reference to the accepted SoC project:

   "Automation of Debian Based live-cd creation process"
     by Robert Pickel

since Debian Live[2] already implements something that sounds like the

I spoke with Baruch on IRC and he forwarded me a copy of the proposal
and also a copy of the Q&A.

Quoting this proposal:

   "My solution to this problem is to create an automated live-cd
   generating script that would build a new ISO image by building the
   release automatically with the Debian packages found in a

Debian Live (which already has a growing developer group) can -- as of
three months ago -- make a live CD with a GNOME desktop environment from
the unstable repositories with a single command:

   # make-live iso

Not only is this the case, but it seems as though the proposer didn't do
any research. Quoting the Q&A:

   "I do not know much about Debian-live and the process they use, but
   there are a few hardware detection applications out there. On their
   page, they do not go into much detail on what technology they
   use. Why can't the developer choose one hw detection scheme from

 From the Wiki front page[3]:

   "As first draft of key technologies to discuss we propose to
   investigate Casper from ubuntu to implement initramfs generation,
   squashfs+unionfs rootfs as the read-write environment, grub or
   isolinux/syslinux as Bootloader and cdd-dev as the tool to produce

Casper provides the hardware detection system. Also, since his proposal
was submitted, several patches have been posted to the mailing list
which implement not only the ability to switch between file system types
but also the ability to use the make-live system to network boot[4] a
live environment. So this part of the proposal is mostly irrelevant:

   "From what I read [Debian Live] uses Squashfs only. Not all live
   releases wish to use this type of file system for their root fs.

What IS needed is a WHOLE LOT of work on hardware detection. What if the
proposer modified his proposal to port the KNOPPIX hardware
auto-detection to Debian Live? That would certainly be very helpful. As
it stands now, the project has deliverables that are already completed.

[1] http://baruch.ev-en.org/blog/Debian/
[2] http://live.debian.net/
[3] http://live.debian.net/wiki/

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