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Problem with default user creation


When building debian live iso as of today, I have problems with the
default debian user creation.  It makes X and autologging to fail.

The error message I get is:
`User not known to the underlying authentication module'

When looking at the init sequence, I can catch the following lines:

Begin: Adding live CD user ...
bash: line 2: pwck: command not found
Please correct the error and rerun `/sbin/shadowconfig on'

I have read /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/casper-bottom/10adduser
(that produce the `Begin: Adding live CD user ...') and
/usr/lib/user-setup/user-setup-apply (pwck IS in the live/chroot) but
I am failing to understand what triggers this error.  Any idea?

Best regards,
Fr?d?ric Lehobey

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