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Debian Live net-booting work nearly done

El vie, 05-05-2006 a las 12:21 -0500, Jason Clinton escribi?:
> Dear list,
> We have network booting with a flat, chroot-based file system working
> in our lab though it currently is using NFS. The plan in my mind is to
> post one set of patches for this initial NFS-based work and then
> another later for CIFS support.
> I strongly dislike IRC. Would a developer please respond to this
> message and let me know how you would like these patches submitted? In
> what format? Etc? 


I'm working on TCOS project (thin client operating system) and I have
readed in GoogleSummerofCode06 debian's wiki this:

Implement a script frontend to Debian Live that creates Live netbooting
media, ie. CF/USB Flash, Floppy, CD-ROM (for use in networks where no
DHCP server can be used). Such media would contain a kernel, initrd and
a hard-coded IP address inside the bootloader's config. file.

I have a bootable initramfs and vmlinuz (2.6.16-1-486) that starts from
cdrom uses cdmline params like server=

Vars can be put in menu.lst or isolinux.cfg (my script who made the iso
can made a grb or isolinux image) or write in boot: xxxxx

I'm using it to boot a thin client and connect to remote XMDCP server
without PXE network capable cards.

root@mariodebian:/var/lib/tcos/isos # mount -o loop tcos-boot-usb.iso
root@mariodebian:/var/lib/tcos/isos # tree tmp/
|-- boot.cat
`-- isolinux
    |-- help.msg
    |-- initramfs
    |-- isolinux.bin
    |-- isolinux.cfg
    |-- logo.lss
    |-- tcos.msg
    `-- vmlinuz

1 directory, 8 files

Help screen is like this:

If any is interested in the code contact me.

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