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Bug#538929: lintian: Please add mono-complete to packages unsuitable for depends/build-depends

Package: lintian
Version: 2.2.13
Severity: normal

Lintian has a list of packages unsuitable for depends or build-depends,
which includes broad metapackages intended for user/developer
convenience.  Right now, only xorg, xorg-dev, x-window-system,
x-window-system-dev, and x-window-system-core appear in that list, and
the lintian errors go by "depends-on-x-metapackage" and
"build-depends-on-x-metapackage".  I'd like to propose expanding the
list, and renaming the errors accordingly.

In this case, I saw the following in mono-complete's package

> For packagers: This package is not to be used as dependency for
> packages! You should build-depend on cli-common-dev and the needed
> libraries instead.

To me, that immediately screamed "lintian test". :)

- Josh Triplett

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