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Bug#537672: Please add test

On 06:16 Mon 20 Jul     , Russ Allbery wrote:
RA> "Dmitry E. Oboukhov" <unera@debian.org> writes:

>> I think, these tests could be added as additional option for lintian.
>> Also lintian can have no depends to apt-file: it can have apt-hook
>> script which would download Content.gz into private lintian directory.

RA> We've discussed this a few times over the years.
Could You send me (a) link(s) to this(these) discussion(s)?

RA> Lintian has enough to do
RA> already without doing cross-package checks, and I don't see this as
RA> changing.  You (or anyone else) are certainly welcome to maintain
RA> additional package checking scripts that do things like this, and we keep
RA> the bugs available as wontfix-tagged bugs as ideas for other projects.

As i wrote i could make (and maintain) such test, but if this test
places outside lintian, it will not interested: lintian checks are
starded by such utilities as dpkg-buildpackage, qa.debian.org contains
lintian reports, etc and additional _lintian_ test would let to diagnose
described issues without additional movements.

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