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Bug#537672: Please add test

On 05:11 Mon 20 Jul     , Russ Allbery wrote:
RA> tags 537672 wontfix
RA> merge 293838 537672
RA> thanks

RA> "Dmitry E. Oboukhov" <unera@debian.org> writes:

>> Today I have been asked about new package 'qconf' which contains the
>> file /usr/bin/qconf. This package has conflict with gridengine-client:
>>     $ apt-file search qconf|grep /usr/bin/qconf
>>     gridengine-client: /usr/bin/qconf
>> It would be nice if lintian can find similar issues.

RA> Lintian doesn't do cross-package checks by design, since one of the goals
RA> of Lintian is that if the same version of Lintian is run on the same
RA> package, it will produce the exact same results as last time.  It also is
RA> designed not to depend on any external resources that may or may not be
RA> available, such as apt-file lists for unstable (note that lintian.d.o runs
RA> on a stable system).

I think, these tests could be added as additional option for lintian.
Also lintian can have no depends to apt-file: it can have apt-hook
script which would download Content.gz into private lintian directory.
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