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Bug#492493: Bug#514882: Bug#492493: lintian: please remove the su-to-root check in desktop files

Bill Allombert wrote:
> I also reported bug #535064 asking for upstream to provide a xdg-su script.
> This would be much better than any Debian-only interface.

As I said, there was one, but they removed it. They think that
applications should use PolicyKit instead. (Not that I agree.)

OTOH, there seems to be no upstream maintainer at the moment.

One reason that I haven't uploaded the package in a while is that I am
somewhat reluctant to add Debian-only patches to it. The whole point of
xdg-utils is that it should provide a distro-neutral interface for doing
stuff. It seems a bit pointless then to add Debian-specific interfaces.

There are already many patches in the Debian package. I once tried to
get LyX's upstream to use xdg-open by default to open files, but it
turns out that other distro's xdg-open are broken, so it didn't work.
Now only the LyX in Debian (and derivs.) uses xdg-open.

Unless we can get upstream to somehow accept patches and new interfaces,
I think it would be better to add them to another package. Calling
things xdg-* without having anything to do with freedesktop.org seems wrong.


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