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binary-from-other-architecture & multi-arch bits

Hi all,

Should binary-from-other-architecture be emitted for i386 binaries in
amd64 packages where the package depends on the 32-bit versions of
libc/etc. For example, nsis isn't portable to !i386, upstream builds
with -m32 by default and I use that to give it to amd64 folks. Once
Debian has multi-arch support I'll be dropping the amd64 version and
will expect folks to install the i386 package. 

Should I file a bug about this, or just override the errors for now?

Also, nsis contains binaries cross-compiled for i586-mingw32msvc, should
lintian also be warning about those too? Most of them are
in /usr/share/nsis though.

Yes, nsis is weird. It is a tool to create Windows installers. It is
just portable enough to run/build on Linux but still contains tons of
wintel-isms, mainly assuming the sizes of the integral types.



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