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Re: Using lintian / flymake to check Debian packages?

On Wed, Oct 15, 2008 at 08:05:23AM +0900, Junichi Uekawa wrote:
> I've been using flymake (emacs) to edit source codes, and I am getting
> more fond of the idea. I'd like to extend it to Debian files as well.
> Some kind of lint tool to output error message when there is a problem
> is required, and I am hoping to get lintian working to this end.
> Lintian looks like it only takes dsc / tar.gz / changes / deb files,
> and not the original source-tree. I'd probably want to run lintian
> over a specific file in the source tree with a restricted set of
> checks (i.e. running debian/control check when editing
> debian/control).
> I am envisioning getting lintian to run over:
>   lintian -C dctl --some-option ./debian/control
> and it needs to run relatively quickly, since it will be invoked on
> almost every user keystroke.

With the current code structure that is pretty difficult, since there
is a relatively complex process to come to the point to execute checks:

unpack the .deb/.dsc into the lab (unpack/*)
collect information about the contents and store in the lab (collection/*)
run checks on the contents of the lab (checks/*)

The problem is that the checks are sorted into scripts more by topic
then by what they need from the lab.

So what would need to be done is to refactor the checks so that you
can separate the code parts that do not need the lab and offer a
possibility to call only those.

Definetly doable but will be a lot of work.

Frank Lichtenheld <djpig@debian.org>
www: http://www.djpig.de/

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