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Using lintian / flymake to check Debian packages?


I've been using flymake (emacs) to edit source codes, and I am getting
more fond of the idea. I'd like to extend it to Debian files as well.
Some kind of lint tool to output error message when there is a problem
is required, and I am hoping to get lintian working to this end.

Lintian looks like it only takes dsc / tar.gz / changes / deb files,
and not the original source-tree. I'd probably want to run lintian
over a specific file in the source tree with a restricted set of
checks (i.e. running debian/control check when editing

I am envisioning getting lintian to run over:

  lintian -C dctl --some-option ./debian/control

and it needs to run relatively quickly, since it will be invoked on
almost every user keystroke.


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