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Bug#492493: lintian: please remove the su-to-root check in desktop files

Josselin Mouette wrote:

> Package: lintian
> Version: 1.24.1
> The su-wrapper-not-su-to-root is nice for menu files, but for desktop
> files it doesn’t make much sense. Since the utility is in the menu
> package, it means the command will fail to launch although it has a
> dependency on gksu. (Or that would imply adding tons on Depends on
> menu.)

Do you mean this? 
$ apt-cache depends menu
  Depends: libc6
  Depends: libgcc1
  Depends: libstdc++6
 |Suggests: gksu
 |Suggests: kdebase-bin
 |Suggests: kdebase-runtime
 |Suggests: ktsuss
  Suggests: sux

> Please disable the check until su-to-root is moved to a better place,
> like debianutils.

FYI this was already proposed, but the maintainer of menu didn't agree to
move it elsewhere.

> Thanks,

Atomo64 - Raphael

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