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Bug#482795: lintian: should not recommend debian/templates.pot to exist in source

Package: lintian
Version: 1.23.49

I want my clean target to remove all generated files, so that I can be
sure no old things are used in a package.  One of those files is
debian/templates.pot.  I'm removing it in the clean target and
generating it in the build target.

Lintian complains about this, because it means that the file is not
present in the source package.  IMO this is incorrect: generated files
should not be present in the source package.  There's still discussion
(which I intend to restart) if it is acceptable to leave them in after
running the clean target, but AFAIK there's no discussion that it is
acceptable to remove them.  Of course I could be wrong about that. :-)


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