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Re: Infrastructure for meta-distribution projects

> While I regard the tags approach as very interesting I see no real
> reason to stop using meta packages.  Perhaps I should investigate

The tags approach IMHO does something different from tasks, and probably
cannot and should not be used as replacement.
Of course you could map task-membership to a tag, but i don't think that
makes much sense.

Tags describe certain "atomic" properties of packages - for example
their subject being related to legal things - but there is no use for
tags with just a few matches.
I don't think it makes sense to say "install all packages with the tag
xyz" (which will occassionally even conflict, like apache and
apache-perl for example). Tags are currently designed for finding
packages easier, not for quick-installation like tasks.

Of course it might work surprisingly well to do such things...
But i wouldn't restrict tags to be useable for this useage type.


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